Greener rides for a
charged up tomorrow

goEgo is here to pioneer the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging ecosystem in India. From providing the right chargers to building a robust network with charging stations, we aim towards keeping your EV charged up while you shop, eat, work or relax.With our convenient charging solutions, we’re celebrating a greener world together.

So, Stay charged up!

How do we keep you charged up?

Charging At Home

  • Residential Complex
  • Apartments
  • Villas / Bungalows

Charging at Business

  • Office Establishments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Restaurants/Cafeteria

Public Charging

  • Public Parking Lots
  • Toll Stations
  • Inter-State / Intra-State Highways

Did you know that the charging cost of an Electric Vehicle (EV) can be 5x less than the refilling cost of current oil powered vehicles? Simply put, we make owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) cost efficient and easy. The goEgo network is here to accelerate the transition towards electric mobility by offering a range of futuristic smart chargers, designed and built by experts from the EV charging industry in The Netherlands and India. It has an intelligent SaaS backend that will service the charging stations and EV owners.

Always stay charged up with the goEgo app!

Locate your nearest charging station through the goMe app and never be out of charge. The easy interface shows you the quickest route to the charging station with the charging capacity available for your ease and convenience. With strong tech support through our app, we are always there to help you through your journey.