Impactware Technology Solutions was started in 2019 by a group of sustainability enthusiasts with a drive to become the force of positive change that will accelerate the healing of our planet by transitioning customers towards cleaner and more sustainable solutions. Rome was not built in a day, and definitely not by a handful of people! We believe that our vision to bring smart technology to the masses will need coordinated efforts with all players in the space including concerned government bodies, infrastructure providers, electricity distributors and component manufacturers. Our teams work closely with industry consultants, government and private initiatives to bring the best and most competitively priced solutions to our customers. We strive to not only be impactful but also tender, to be progressive but also sustainable, to be smart but also simple and to solve today’s problems while caring for the future. The name ‘Impactware’ is an idea integral to our vision of creating smart technology solutions through innovations in sustainable transportation and energy aimed at contributing towards a greener world.

Impactware Vision Statement

To be the pioneer of electric vehicle charging ecosystem in India by providing the right charging solution.

In 2020 we launched goEgo with a goal to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility by providing a state of the art platform to our members. We are currently on a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles in India & Europe by building an anxiety proof network of smart chargers for the early adopters and first movers.

The goEgo mission statement

To be the sustainable choice of a million people in our network by creating a fun, intelligent and reliable EV charging network that is easily accessible to everyone.

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