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Everyone is fond of taking on the streets with their respective vehicles! From solo trips to checking out the nearest sightseeing spots with friends or just rover around the city. Interestingly, the time seems right when we can keep up to our fondness while making a smarter impact on the ecosystem. With a fleet of Electric Vehicles, let’s ride towards a world where we are in charge of a greener today and tomorrow! Putting on a microscopic view, it was found that owning an Electric Vehicle in India is a matter of concern for majority of the population. From where can I charge my vehicle? to what would be the average mileage? A bouquet of questions tends to surround every mind that first plans for an electric vehicle. So, how does goEgo help you?

Well, with the convenient charging options, goEgo is simplifying the formula of EV charging solutions. From providing the right charger to the perfect charging etiquette, we aim towards keeping your EV charged up while you shop, eat, read, or relax. Surprisingly, you don’t need to be an EV driver to be a bellwether of a greener tomorrow. You can be one too by facilitating the process of keeping your circle - Stay Charged Up! But how would you do that? Well! While your folks are giving their best at office or enjoying their favorite coffee or shopping at their favorite merchandise store, you can be our partner to provide them their right spot for EV charging. Hence, by celebrating the benefit of owning an EV even better, let’s inspire others to join the green brigade.

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