History is a witness that a powerful revolution always needs a strong vision and an even stronger intent. Our story too started with a majestic vision for bringing out an innovative revolution. After being settled at The Netherlands for a good span of time and being surrounded by EVs that were taking the world towards a sustainable tomorrow. A clue was enough for our visionary to stride his path in developing a futuristic ecosystem.

In 2018,

A belief that Electric Vehicles have the potential to replace the tail pipe pollutants from the millions of vehicles resulted in sowing the seeds for goEgo. All it took was a conference on sustainability and transportation for the spark to ignite and there was no looking back since then.

For over the next one year,

our Man with the Plan - Mr. Sayantan Chakraborti focussed on closely monitoring the developments. Slowly yet steadily the pieces started coming together with countless conversations with the industry experts. The decision to launch goEgo strengthened with an insight that most EV infrastructure companies were either corporate dinosaurs of the energy & oil industry or spinoffs that lacked agility and innovation required to build strategic solutions.

As the objective grew stronger,

Sayantan met his like-minded aide & futurists, Pravin Kumar and Dheeman Kadam, who were equally passionate about bringing a revolution in the world of e-mobility with a cost-effective, intelligent and futuristic EV charging platform. With the bull’s eye set for the trio, they started devising the blueprint and by the mid-2019, their core clan of motivated individuals were ready. The following evenings and weekends being spent in bringing to life the architecture of the goEgo network alongside the countless technical, strategic and administrative decisions.

Today this team of

charismatic personalities thrive to pioneer a greener and more energy-efficient world in the coming years. While goEgo strides ahead with a goal to make an impact on the society by building a green brigade.

Our journey so far...