The concern of “how do I charge my EV at home?” is put to rest with a reliable mechanism of charging the EV at residential spaces. We offer charging solutions that may be owned by an individual or a group of EV owners reducing the overall investment cost and utilizing the infra in a time-sharing model. So, be the change and inspire others to join the green brigade!

goEgo solutions for private homes

  • Compatible with all brands of 4W electric vehicles having fast AC (Type2) connector
  • Available from 3,7 to 22 kW
  • Wall mounted or on Pole
  • Quick installation Options
  • Secure Access with goEgo membership card
  • Smart charging: balances electricity demands with other home appliances
  • Control charger settings using the goME app

goEgo solutions for apartment homes

  • Various options of charger models that are suitable for 2 & 4 wheelers
  • Monitor usage via the goCONNECT portal
  • Secure Access for society members and grant access to guests when required
  • goEgo back office services
  • Wall mounted or on Pole
  • Smart charging: to ensure that the electricity load never goes beyond the acceptable limit while vehicles are optimally charged.
  • Optimize charger investments with a shared charger investment.
  • Back office billing support.

Here’s how goEgo chargers make it a smart choice


Our chargers are fitted with the best-in-class of components that protects against heating, over current, over voltage, surge and leakage currents - in line with international safety standards.

Lower electricity costs

goEgo Home wall boxes efficiently use the power required for the maximum charging of your vehicle, without unnecessary over-heating causing energy loss.

Avoid electricity theft

Open-plugs are vulnerable to electricity theft, whereas the RFID on our station (or our mobile app) allows access only to you, thereby protecting your electricity misuse by everyone.

Fast charging

Conventional home plugs can only handle only 1.3 kW (higher current versions a max 3.4 kW); whereas your modern electric vehicle can charge at much faster rate; that can be provided only by dedicated charging stations.

Our matchless quality installation, maintenance & service

Our products are covered with standard installation and warranty to ensure you have a seamless experience and can leave the technical details to our team of experts.

What We Offer

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Our Products

goEgo Eagle Series

GEG-EGL-7K4-TY2-2S-C; 7.4KW;2 Socket; GEG Back office Connected

goEgo Eagle Series

GEG-EGL-7K4-TY2-2C-C; 7.4kW; 2 Cables; GEG Back office Connected

goEgo Albatross Series

GEG-ALB-3K3-BAC-3S- C; 3.3kW; 3 Socket; GEG Back office Connected

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