While your city is getting smarter, you have got a reason too! goEgo is partnering with city municipalities, regional city planning and electricity boards to establish an innovative EV charging infrastructure. Availability of charging stations along national & state highways and public parking facilities will be a big leap forward in India’s EV adoption.

What We Offer

Load balancing & smart charging

Offers efficient utilization of your metered power and stability in the grid capacity.

Charging Station

Different variants for 2, 3 & 4 wheelers, lamp post models & commercial stations with capacity varying from AC 3.3 kW to 22 kW or DC 15 kW to 50 kW.

Energy Solutions

Possibility to integrate stationary energy storage or solar energy.

Professional installation by a qualified electricians

Our team of certified experts will set up your charge station infrastructure in accordance with our T&C policy.

Accessible for all EV drivers by RFID cards / mobile App

Our Member Cards / Mobile App bring in the ease of accessing any charging station for all EV drivers.

Intelligent charging management

Our back office helps you record and evaluate data on charging electricity, billing and customer insights

Service & Maintenance

We provide on time servicing that adhere to our strict service level agreements

24/7 Customer Support

For your every concern, we have your back

Our Products

goEgo Falcon Series

GEG-FAL-22K-TY2-1C-C; 22kW; 1 Cable; GEG Back office Connected

goEgo Albatross Series

GEG-ALB-3K3-BAC-3S- C; 3.3kW; 3 Socket; GEG Back office Connected

goEgo Falcon Series

GEG-FAL-22K-TY2-1S- C; 22kW; 1 Socket; GEG Back office Connected

Establish your public charging stations with an expert reinforced framework

Our project execution team is always charged-up to help you with the details & offer you scalable solutions that fit your needs.